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Istana Jewelers is a multi-brand luxury and bespoke jewelry retailer in Dubai. We excel at finding jewelry brands with a special combination of quality, design and value.

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Exquisitely designed jewelry for people of sophistication and discernment. Istana has a broad range of ready-to-wear jewelry for all occasions. With each piece handcrafted by highly skilled craftsmen, you are assured a work of art unsurpassed in quality and design.


The perfect mix of modern industrial design and ergonomically moving masterpieces, the Mattia Cielo collection creates a revolutionary style.


A legacy of Viennese craftsmanship perfected over a period of 130 years. 


Chantecler jewels are unique pieces made in limited series, and each evokes the memory of ancient goldsmith’s techniques reinvented through contemporary elegance.


Offering myriad shades of elegance and unique aesthetics, Forms focuses of the quality and integrity of each piece.


Adolfo Courrier combines the distinctive elements of its know-how by reinventing a modern and progressive approach to jewelry with style authoritativeness and innovation.


Verdi Gioielli is an illustrious Italian luxury jewellery brand celebrated for its sophisticated designs, impeccable craftsmanship, and use of the finest gemstones.


Bespoke Services

Our bespoke jewellery service’s aim is to transform your personal vision into a jewel to treasure for a lifetime. We believe that whether you are celebrating a relationship or commemorating a special moment through a bespoke item, your sentiments are powered by unlimited imagination and unrivalled craftsmanship.


Diamonds are Forever

When selecting diamond jewelry, there are many important characteristics to consider—namely, cut, carat, colour and clarity. Understanding these key features is extremely important in making the best decision for your jewelry item.

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About Us

As a family-run business, Istana has developed itself to be one of the leading jewellers in the united Arab Emirates, London and Hong Kong. We pride ourselves on our strong client focus, and we maintain long-term relationships with customers.

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Jewellery Sizing

July 7, 2023

At Istana, we always want to ensure that your pieces are the perfect fit. While coming to us is what we would always recommend, our below guide is the next best solution.  How to measure necklaces The total length of your necklace depends on several different factors, with personal choice being the most important.  Lengths…
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Jewelry Care & Cleaning

July 7, 2023

We believe that jewelry should be admired for a lifetime, and with the right love and care, your cherished pieces can be passed down across generations.  How to clean your jewelry Fine jewelry is extremely delicate and should be handled carefully. To extend the life of your jewelry and to keep your gemstones sparkling, please…
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Istana Private Collection Launches “Rock Chic”

January 17, 2023

Istana have recently launched 'Rock Chic' a new collection of double pave band rings with fancy shaped diamonds. Aiming to combine the wild era of rock ‘n’ roll music with the traditional, handcrafted fine jewelry Istana is known for, 'Rock Chic' collection provides a completely unique style whilst staying true to the brand’s value of…
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