About Us

“A family business built with treasured relationships which have crossed generations.”

Istana Jewellers – a multibrand luxury and unique jewelry company in the Middle East offering exclusive and one-of-a-kind jewelry. Istana strives to provide their clientele with specially crafted jewelry, providing new and distinctive styles which set them apart from the others.

Istana is host to several jewelry brands with exquisite designs, excellent quality and creativity which draws on technical techniques.

History & Heritage

Founded in 2002 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates by Danny Mukhi, who identified a gap in the luxury, fine jewelry market in the region. Inspired by his upbringing in the Middle East, where he would assist his father in their family store, Danny wanted to provide unmatched service to his clientele who would remain loyal to the Istana brand throughout generations.

In 2010, Istana proudly introduced its own boutique line of fine jewelry named the “Istana Private Collection”.

I strongly believe that the success of Istana Jewellers lies in our creative vision, leadership and our dedicated and professional team. After establishing our first store in Dubai, Istana has since grown to an International company, having offices in London and Hong Kong with over 20 partners globally. We strive to meet the expectations of our clients, many of which have made Istana their family jeweler of choice.

Danny Mukhi


Working closely with my father throughout the years, I have learnt first hand the incredible skill and craftsmanship it takes to produce beautiful, high quality jewelry, and how gemstones can be transformed through different setting techniques.

Growing up as the daughter of a jeweller, I have been inspired by my father’s passion for jewelry. Along with our enthusiastic team, my goal is to carry on the heritage of exquisite jewelry making and design that my father has instilled into the company and his clients. I shall continue to strive to providing our clients with beautiful designs, an unmatched eye for detail and impeccable customer service.

Roxanne Mukhi

Assistant Manager & Designer