Close-up of a woman's lower face and hands, showcasing elegant Adler rings and a necklace against a beige background.


Never short of inspiration, but always with finesse, the Twirly jewellery pieces with their rotating trail of diamonds, present a delicate circle of pink or white gold. Adjustable rings and necklaces display translucent enamel surfaces, revealing wavy motifs waiting below to come together in a delightful, ever—changing entente cordiale.
Gold ring by Adler featuring a pink striped stone and a feather design adorned with small diamonds.
A close-up of a woman in a white blouse adorned with ornate Adler gold jewelry, focusing on her earrings, necklace, and ring.


The elegant design of a fan has inspired Adler’s master craftsmen to develop an ingenious articulated hinge, at the heart of the new Collection of rings and necklaces, Fan’Tastic. Refined lines of polished pink gold, or symmetrical patterns set with diamonds, play hide-and-seek around a central gemstone reminding the beholder that, unlike this charming pastime, femininity delights in revealing itself, unmasked.
Rose gold ring with a fan-shaped design adorned with diamonds and a central sapphire on a white background.
Woman in a beige dress posing with elegant Adler jewelry, including earrings, rings, and a layered necklace, set against a neutral background.


Pure, simple, natural Sundersand celebrates femininity’s multiple facets with its captivating beauty. Diamonds and sapphires come together in compositions which may be multicolour or monochrome, but are always set in an exquisite.
Rose gold ring, crafted by Adler, adorned with multiple gemstones including pink, yellow, and clear diamonds.
A smiling woman with blonde hair, wearing a blue Adler sweater and a large pearl ring, looking thoughtfully to the side.

Satellite of Love

The Collection “Satellite of Love” defies the laws of gravity. Feminine, and light as air, these celestial bodies seem to float and dance, thanks to the ingenious, invisible, underlying structure. At the heart of delicate gold bands, set with diamonds, exceptional pearls hover above the wearer’s fingers. Pure, diaphanous, fascinating, the motif reveals itself in white gold, or pink gold, each with its matching pearl, visions of ethereal loveliness to emphasis womanly charm in all its diversity, as bewitching as the brightest star.
A rose gold Adler ring featuring a large pink pearl set within a circular band embellished with small clear crystals.
Close-up of a person wearing an elegant Adler diamond necklace and matching earrings, focusing on the jewelry against their neck and cheek.


Effervescent and fresh, Tivoli’s rings and earrings awaken our slumbering senses in an explosion of vernal colour. They reveal our true nature, sensual and spontaneous.
A luxurious Adler ring featuring a large blue gemstone flanked by smaller blue and purple gemstones, all set in a silver band with tiny diamonds.
Close-up of a woman with her hand on her cheek, showcasing an Adler ring, against a dark background.


Shinsei personifies the vibrant affirmation of a femininity reborn each day. Coming to life in the hands of Adler’s master jewellers, bracelets, rings and earrings evoke the beauty of an idyllic Japanese garden, overflowing with the fragrance of a thousand flowers.
Rose gold ring featuring a large central diamond, surrounded by multiple smaller diamonds set in an intricate, Adlerian design.
Close-up of a person wearing an elegant Adler diamond necklace and matching earrings, focusing on the jewelry against their neck and cheek.

Adler has inherited a legacy of viennese craftmanship and a know-how perfected over a period of 130 years. With a passion for excellence and a thirst for challenges we constantly push the boundaries of creativity. Pioneers in new techniques and in the use of original materials, such as wood, silk, carbon and titanium we take risks to produce daring pieces. The fusion of immemorial tradition and new trends makes for jewellery that transcends both time and space. Different cultures, superior craftsmanship, unusual materials, architecture, textiles and the senses inspire and guide our creations process. Adler jewellery embodies dreams of enchanting legends, intimate encounters, faraway journeys and subtle emotions.