POP Collection

Multi-size rings which boast a patented TEK technology which can fit up to four ring sizes, with colored gemstones, diamonds, colorful enamel, and a touch of Italian chic. 18K white and rose gold from the base on which fanciful patterns are created from diamonds and colored gemstones.

Adolfo Courrier was founded in 2002. Conceptually created by Adolfo Courrier and Alessandra Zanchetta, both come from artistic studies and are the second generation of a family business in the field of jewelry.

Adolfo Courrier combines the distinctive elements of its know-how by reinventing a modern and progressive approach to jewelry with style authoritativeness and innovation. Inspired by the valourization of its culture of people and the great respect of the ethical principles.

The Style Concepts are inspired by romantic sensuality as the behaviour of your being.

Since 2019, Adolfo Courrier has introduced into the collection a sophisticated ‘Ring Multi Size System’ called “TEK” which is patented globally.

Adolfo Courrier’s collections represent the excellence of high-end Italian craftsmanship quality.