Desired by many. The Essentials for your growing jewelry collection.


Casual enough for daily wear, with diamonds for added luxury and sparkle, the collection makes a statement worn alone or stacked with other pieces in your collection.

Loved by All

Worn by both men and women, the capsule collection is loved by all!


The eponymous collection, Leila, is inspired by Danny Mukhi’s granddaughter, Leila, whose birth in 2018 inspired him to create refined and elegant pieces for newborn babies and toddlers.

Fleur d'Hiver

A collection of delicate flowers in Diamonds, Emerald and Sapphires. The pear shape stones are clustered together to form a flower, blooming through precious jewels.

Garden of Eden

Lovingly named after the birth of the Istana founder’s grandson, Eden, the ring is a reworked design from the founder’s daughter, designer Roxanne Mukhi’s personal collection. Featuring a full pave diamond band with two half moon bands above, giving the illusion of diamonds and coloured stones floating above your finger.

Pinky Promise

While engagement rings conveniently sit on your ring finger, and cocktail rings perpetually demand attention – why let your pinky finger be left out?

Rock Chic

With bars of gold studded in pave diamonds set with a solitaire stone, Rock Chic perfectly embodies high glamour biker chic. Perfect for stacking along with other rings, Rock Chic provides instant glamour to your fingers with an unique, rock ‘n’ roll style.


Delicate diamond tendrils twining around your finger and up your ear, The Vine Collection is a classic fine jewelry collection that can be worn for all occasions.

Istana private collection provides “exquisitely designed jewelry for people of sophistication and discernment”. Istana has a broad range of ready‐to‐wear jewelry for all occasions, which include exceptional and chic pieces that harmonize everyday wear and high jewelry for special occasions, keeping in mind the taste of the active, liberated women of today. With each piece of jewelry handcrafted by highly skilled craftsmen and of superior quality, you are assured of a piece of jewelry, which is a work of art that is unsurpassed in quality and design.

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