A woman with smoky eye makeup gazes intently at the camera, her hand adorned with elegant Mattia Cielo rings resting against her face, against a dark geometric backdrop.
A woman with designer jewelry on her fingers and wrist poses, covering one eye with her hand against a dark background.


The perfect fusion of minimalism and sophistication. Combining ergonomic design and cutting-edge technology with the highest standards in goldsmithing. This flexible, lightweight accessory is adorned with scattered brilliant-cut diamonds that beautifully sparkle with every gesture.
Two rose gold bangle bracelets with diamond accents from Mattia Cielo arranged in a parallel layout on a black background.
Close-up portrait of a woman with sleek hair, wearing a dark blazer and a delicate Mattia Cielo necklace, highlighted by soft backlighting.

Mattia Cielo is the jeweller of the third millennium. Inspired by italian tradition of art craft and jewelry, the Mattia Cielo collection creates a revolutionary style, taking to life a perfect mix of modern industrial design and ergonomically moving masterpieces. Mattia Cielo collection is admired as true jewelry, where precious materials are used to enhance concept and design. The collection is inspired and created by award-winning art director Massimiliano Bonoli.