Istana Insights

  • How to Buy Diamond Jewelry

    When carefully selecting a diamond, there are many important characteristics to consider – namely, cut, carat, colour and clarity. Understanding these key features is extremely important in making the best decision for your jewelry item.
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    • Jewellery Sizing

      At Istana, we always want to ensure that your pieces are the perfect fit. While coming to us is what we would always recommend, our below guide is the next best solution.  How to measure necklaces The total length of your necklace depends on several different factors, with personal choice being the most important.  Lengths…...
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    • Jewelry Care & Cleaning

      We believe that jewelry should be admired for a lifetime, and with the right love and care, your cherished pieces can be passed down across generations.  How to clean your jewelry Fine jewelry is extremely delicate and should be handled carefully. To extend the life of your jewelry and to keep your gemstones sparkling, please…...
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