Jewelry Care & Cleaning

July 7, 2023
Roxanne Mukhi
Jewelry tips

We believe that jewelry should be admired for a lifetime, and with the right love and care, your cherished pieces can be passed down across generations. 

How to clean your jewelry

Fine jewelry is extremely delicate and should be handled carefully. To extend the life of your jewelry and to keep your gemstones sparkling, please follow below instructions for all jewelry:

  • Take off your jewelry when showering, applying lotions and perfumes to maintain the integrity of jewelry and lustre
  • Remove jewelry when doing any cleaning, such as washing dishes, or using any harsh cleaning chemicals
  • Remove jewelry before engaging in strenuous activities
  • When removing necklaces, clasp the necklace to avoid knots and tangles in the chain

To clean diamond, ruby and sapphire jewelry, use a soft toothbrush with warm water and dish soap to gently scrub the gold and diamonds. 

Emeralds are a much softer stone and should not be exposed to any liquids.  Never clean pearls with chemicals, abrasives or solvents. 

The best way to clean your jewelry is with a professional jeweler. Items bought from Istana provide lifetime complimentary cleaning services. 

How to care for your jewelry

While we provide the highest standards in materials and craftsmanship, fine jewelry still requires routine maintenance in order for you to reap the benefits of a lifetime of sparkle and shine. 

Wearing your jewelry

Always take off your jewelry when applying hand lotions and cosmetics, as the ingredients could potentially tarnish precious metals, and remove any jewelry before sports. This not only protects your jewelry from any accidental damage, but yourself too.

Handling your jewelry

Prongs eventually loosen when wearing and removing rings. Avoid touching the central stone to decrease pressure on the prongs. When taking off your ring, make sure to pull from the shank/band and not from the stone. Settings made from gold and even platinum are fragile as the prongs can become loose and therefore, compromising your gemstones.